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Paul C. Smedberg, first elected to the Alexandria City Council in 2003 was re-elected for a fifth consecutive term in November 2015. He remains steadfast in his commitment to protect the historic legacy of the City, to maintain quality public schools, assure a well-planned community and improve the quality of life for all. He is recognized for promoting efficient and responsive local government with sound fiscal and economic policies. He continues to play a key role representing Alexandria on a number of regional bodies in Northern Virginia and in January 2016 was named the Alexandria representative to the Board of Directors of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Association (WMATA).

During this current Council term Paul has continued to serve on the City's Pension Subcommittee, the Waterfront Commission, Inova Alexandria Hospital Task Force and with the Mayor co-chairs the Legislative Subcommittee of Council. His leadership with the Mirant Monitoring Group helped to bring about the final closure of the plant in 2012 and he remains committed to a clean and safe environment. He has worked to achieve an integrated "arts plan" for the City and has consistently been a strong voice for the arts on the City Council. He continues to promote the ongoing economic vitality and viability of the Alexandria business community for he recognizes the importance of the business sector to the vibrancy of the City.

In recognition of the escalating traffic issues and demand for local and regional transit and transportation options, Paul has maintained a leadership role and ongoing presence with a number of regional transportation bodies. In 2015, Paul joined the WMATA (METRO) Board of Directors pursuing a more fiscally sound Metro system with enhanced safety and accountability.  A long-standing member of the Northern Virginia Transportation Commission he currently serves as Chair 2017-18 and served as Chair in 2013-14 and guided the organization through a period of change. A member of the Virginia Railway Express (VRE) Operations Board since 2005, he was VRE Board Chairman in 2017 & 2013.  Paul served as co-chair of the City's Transportation/Transit Corridor Study Group and today he remains attuned to the importance of pedestrian safety and the ongoing concerns of Alexandria neighborhoods relative to traffic issues.  

As a city resident of Alexandria for nearly 30 years, Paul has a distinguished history of service and leadership with area non-profits and local civic and homeowner associations. Born and raised in Connecticut, he received degrees in History and Economics from Allegheny College and is a 2001 Fellow of the Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership at University of Virginia. Named Outstanding Virginian in 2010 by Equality Virginia Paul lives in Old Town with his partner Michael Molesky.


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